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The International Scientific Conference on
"The complexity and dynamic of the security environment"


The Centre for Defence and Security Strategic Studies of "Carol I" National Defence University will host, on 22-23 November 2012, starting 09:00, the International Scientific Conference STRATEGIES XXI on the topic: “The complexity and dynamic of the security environment”.

The activity will be attended by representatives of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of European Affairs, Ministry of Administration and the Interior, representatives of similar institutions from Moldova, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The event will address issues regarding the evolution of the international security environment, the balance of power in the context of the international relations developments, potential risks and threats to the security environment, the impact of the emerging states on the regional and international centers of power, the role of non-state actors in the evolution of the security environment.

Journalists wishing to attend the event are expected Thursday, November 22nd, between 08.45 - 09.00, at the main entrance of "Carol I" National Defence University, at the Heroes’ Monument. For further information please contact Ms. Irina Tataru, phone number 0745996201.