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EUROMIL Press Release


Wednesday, December 5th, 2012, starting 12 p.m., “Carol I” Central University Library will host the “Euromil – 40 years” Roundtable.

The event, organized by “Carol I” National Defense University, the Academy of Romanian Scientists and the Military Order of Romania, marks the celebration of 40 years of solidarity among the military associations in Europe.

Founded in 1972, EUROMIL (the European Organization of Military Associations) comprises 43 associations from 28 European countries, aiming to pursue the social and professional interests of their military personnel, promoting the concept of “citizen in uniform”.

The event will be attended by officials from the Ministry of National Defense, teaching staff and scientists, as well as NGO’s representatives from the defense and national security field.

Military and civil journalists wishing to attend the event are expected between 11.30-11.50 a.m. at “Carol I” Central University Library, No.1 Boteanu Street, 1st district, Bucharest.

For further details and confirmation of participation, please contact Lt. Cristina Barna, phone 021.319.48.80, extension 131, and fax 021.319.48.66.