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International activity


As a military higher education institution, the international cooperation activities of "Carol I" National Defence University (NDU) are carried out on the basis of the framework accords (concluded with 45 countries) and the international cooperation protocols signed at the level of the Ministry of National defence with the foreign partners.

Thus, the main objectives that the International Cooperation Office pursued in the field of international cooperation have been focused on the development of relationships in the field of education and training with other similar institutions, aiming to accelerate the reform of the military education within a new concept of its organization and execution. Since Romania's accession into NATO and EU the objective has been to improve the education curricula and programmes, as well as a better mutual understanding between institutions in order to harmonize the education process organized by "Carol I" National Defence University with that carried out in similar institutions from NATO and EU member states.

Since 2002 until the present, this institutional effort of international cooperation materialized in the following results:

- teaching and training within NDU = 103 activities;

- teaching activities, support and assistance provided by "Carol I" National Defence University to other foreign institutions = 49 activities;

- staff or multinational activities (abroad and in NDU) = 37 exercises;

- NATO / PfP working groups or in cooperation with other organizations = 220 activities;

- documentation visits and experience exchanges abroad = 54 activities;

- documentation visits and experience exchanges by foreign partners in Romania = 164 activities;

- Congresses, gatherings, forums on scientific and security topics = 169 activities;

- Official visits = 86 activities in NDU and 27 activities abroad;

- Courses and training activities abroad = 19 activities;

- Foreign course members (participating in various education programmes organized by NDU) = 517 participants;

- Participation in fairs and exhibitions abroad = 5 activities;

- 22 institutional cooperation memorandums / protocols;

In 2014 "Carol I" National Defence University also launched student mobilities within the ERASMUS+ programme.

It is an honour for us to mention that our institution received in the past visits by important military and civilian personalities from abroad, among which we would like to mention Manfred WÖRNER and Xavier SOLANA as NATO secretary generals, King HAROLD V of Norway, Prince CHARLES, ministers of defence and chiefs of defence from more than 20 countries, commandants of defence universities and academies, parliamentarians, and other foreign civilian and military personalities.