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The Security and Defense Faculty


By Resolution No. 66 of 26.07.2012 the National Defense University Senate decided to establish a new Faculty within the University by merging the departments which existed individually in the institution.

The decision of the University Senate was legally based on art. 132 (2) of the Law of National Education no. 1/2011. The Minister of National Defense whose authority is established by the Law of National Education no. 1/2011, art. 176 (3) was informed regarding the University Senate’s initiative. Accordingly, the Minister of National Defense approved the university’s initiative presented in the report of the University Rector no. A2 / 1446 of 27.07.2012.

In accordance with legal provisions, the University informed the Ministry of Education requesting the inclusion of the Faculty in the governmental decision on the classification of University programs that the ministry annually initiates.

Therefore, The Security and Defense Faculty was established by government decision no. 69/27.02.2013 under the Law of National Education no.1/2011, Article 132 (2)

1. Mission statement


- To train, specialize and improve undergraduate and postgraduate level commanders, staff officers and military and civilian experts to carry out managerial and expertise-related tasks in the branch of „Military science, information and public order."

- To organize and conduct the University scientific research branch of "Military science, information and public order."

- To organize the professional training of human resources in the Ministry of National Defense, in the national defense and security system, in other institutions and public organizations in the country and abroad.

2.  Objectives:


To provide leadership for the development of the following programs of study:

- Provisionally approved undergraduate studies in information and national security;

- Security and defense;

- Intercultural communication, public-security and defense;

- Crisis management and conflict prevention;

- Public and intercultural communication in the field of security and defense;

- Programs and project management;

- Doctoral studies in information and national security;

- Post-graduate training and life-long professional development in the field of information and national security.

The total number of enrolled students and the annual budget is approved by the Ministry of Defense.

3.  Structure:




Each department is composed of teaching staff and teaching boards and a postgraduate department in accordance with its profile.